iTouchless EZ Faucet PRO Automatic Sensor Faucet Adapter for Any Sink Faucet and Cat Fountain, Pet Water Dispenser

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Manufacturer Description

Assume eco-friendly as well as conserve eco-friendly (your buck acts). A shower room faucet usually runs at 2 quarts of water per minute. By shutting down the tap while brushing your pearly whites or removing your make up, a person may conserve more than 200 quarts of water per month. EZ Faucet Adaptor performs only that. With its sensor automatic function, the water will definitely shut down when your palms or any type of things is removed from the sensor range, saving around 70% of water per palm washout; it is good for the environment as well as quick and easy on your pocketbook. To put in, only tighten on the unit after getting rid of the existing aerator. It performs certainly not require any type of pipes alteration that may cost money and time. No more switching as well as contacting the faucet handles while you are actually cooking, cleaning, or repairing your cars and truck in the garage. Merely approach, clean, as well as leave. Save water, funds as well as the environment- With its sensor, automatic on/off function, it eliminates cross contaminants of bacteria as well as provides you a part of thoughts recognizing that you will certainly certainly never come property to a swamped bathroom or cooking area again. Management water circulation as well as temperature along with existing faucet handles anytime- Do It Yourself Setup, retrofit very most regular sink without pipes adjustments- Simple as well as practical to use, suited for little ones, elderly and also folks along with joint inflammation where the EZ Faucet activates without switching the faucet knobs- Globe's only copyrighted faucet install adaptor that gears up along with Infrared Sensor as well as Point-N-Lock innovation- Fits regular United States faucet leave size- Water Tension: 10 - 125psi- Powered through 4 AAA electric batteries that final around 1 1/2 year of function- Package deal comes with Touch-free faucet adaptor, 1 rubber washing machine, hexnut wrench, as well as simple installment resource

Made to produce your daily life easier, the iTouchless Hands-Free Infrared EZ Automatic Faucet Adaptor makes any type of existing bathroom sink or faucet fully hands-free as well as automatic. You don't require to purchase a plumbing professional or go through a pricey remodel. You may merely affix this infrared adaptor to any type of existing faucet, as well as right away the faucet becomes sensor turned on along with flexible temperature as well as stress.

Switch any type of bathroom or cooking area sink into a fully hands-free, automatic faucet using this inventive iTouchless adaptor. Perspective larger.
Helpful for the Environment as well as Saves You Money
The iTouchless Hands-Free Faucet Adaptor is the planet's only copyrighted faucet-mount automatic faucet unit that needs no pipes alteration. This conserves you installment money and time. This adaptor also stops cross-contamination since you don't have to fret about must shut down the sink once you've cleaned your palms. As well as since water simply manages while you're utilizing it, you find yourself utilizing a lot less water. No simply are going to you be saving funds, you'll also be aiding to protect our raw materials. The adaptor is also perfect for houses along with children or pets since it helps reduce the spreading of bacteria. And also, it produces it enjoyable to clean your palms.

Just how it Works
After positioning to any type of regular faucet, you merely operate your palms (or whatever you are actually cleaning, filling up, or getting wet) under the faucet as well as your water starts instantly. It will definitely after that stay on till you relocate from under the sensor. You may also override the automatic function through pushing the hands-on override switch. This allows the water to run for three moments till you press the hands-on override switch again, sending it back to the automatic function. Sparing funds, maintaining your household healthy and balanced, as well as aiding protect the planet's raw materials has certainly never been easier.

What remains in the Box
iTouchless hands-free faucet adaptor, rubber washing machine, hexnut wrench, as well as simple installment resource.

Product Features

100% Touch-Free & Automatic - Just place your hand under the spout and water will flow automatically. It's the easiest and most hygienic way to use the sink No Waste - EZ Faucet automatically shuts off the water when you pull your hands away. It's perfect for children and anyone who wants to conserve water. Easy to Install - Easily installed on any standard American faucet. All the tools you will need are included. No complex plumbing required. Save Money - No water waste means a lower utility bill for you! Only dispenses water when the sensor is activated intentionally, with no-drip loss. Cat Water Fountain - Give your cat fresh, clean water 24/7. Cats find it easy to use and you will enjoy the convenience too. For Better Home Hygiene - Avoid touch contact with the illness-causing germs that live on home appliances. It's the easy way to keep a healthier home. From Sensor Technology Experts - Based in Silicon Valley, iTouchless invented the original sensor housewares more than 20 years ago. Hands-free operation Prevents contamination of germs Fits standard faucet sizes No plumbing change, easy to install Manual on/off switch for full control. Hot/cold and water flow can still be controlled by exiting faucet's handles

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